Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Kugler plans for upcoming Pesach Seders

Please share the different things that make your Seder special each year. The hope is that this will help everyone to get some fresh ideas for the coming year and enhance their Seder. This year I have 50 jeopardy cards with Pesach related questions, 10 plagues trading cards, and several other items such as a map of Egypt during the time of the plague of darkness that shows that there was a solar eclipse. In terms of actual decorations, some ideas are as follows:
  1. We saved diaper boxes (any boxes will do) and spray painted them gold to build a large pyramid in the dining room.
  2. Yellow bulletin board paper can be used to cover the floor to create a desert look
  3. we will have blue cellophane on either side of the entrance ways to create the splitting of the seas (bought cardboard fish to create a more realistic appearance.
  4. You can pitch a tent in a room nearby and come out dressed in a Kittel (white robe) and sandals, carrying the Matzah in a pillow case over your shoulder
  5. Purchase a chocolate fountain and instead of chocolate, use red dye to simulate the plague of Dam (blood)
  6. set your lights on a timer so that for a few minutes, you can experience the plague of choshech (darkness)
  7. We also have a policy to buy a new Haggadah every year and have everyone at the table use a different one
That's all for now but as I think of other things, I will pass them along. I hope you will all share ideas as well and pass this blog around to friends so that others can comment and add thoughts.

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